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Loxford School, Ilford IG1 2UT

Loxford School had a visit from Alex Wheatle. He delivered a talk to the whole Year 9 group, followed by 2 workshops with under achieving boys and a creative writing workshop with gifted and talented students. Over the course of the day Alex worked with 375 young people.

This was the first of the author events held and set an excellent benchmark for all the others. The school put a huge amount of effort into organising the event, preparing the children and working to gain the most benefit and impact from the event. Students filmed the events and created a video record of the day which superbly demonstrated the success of the visit and its impact http://www.loxford.net/the-author-alex-wheatle-visits-loxford/ 

Follow up work has included: using his books as reading group set for a variety of classes, particularly underachieving boys – with great success, running more targeted reading groups with a variety of book sets including Alex's to further support reading for pleasure and inviting Alex back to continue working with two under-achieving groups.

Feedback from the school:

"Alex's visit was a catalyst for us to crank up our reading for pleasure initiatives in school and library borrowing has increased – over 3,700 loans since September and boys are borrowing as much as girls (loan figure provided by school librarian on 19th October)

The impact of Alex's visit has been huge – all the Alex Wheatle books are constantly borrowed; the gifted and talented group are enjoying their reading and continuing with their creative writing; teachers are still talking about the visit and recommending his books to students; the video is on the school website – this reinforces our message on the importance of reading for pleasure. The impact has been ongoing – the students who initially took part in the visit have continued the work begun in their workshops. Many of the underachieving boys are now reading much more regularly and have attended a reading group where they have read a much wider range of novels than they had before. The Gifted and Talented group competed their writing started in the workshop and now attend a reading group to extend their reading. The visit generated a huge amount of excitement."