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Columbia Primary School

Columbia had a visit from poet Joshua Seigal, a performance poet with a focus on working with and inspiring children. His performances blend his quirky, interactive poetry with elements of comedy, drama and storytelling. Joshua did a whole school poetry assembly, which was also attended by all teachers and the Head Teacher, followed by 4 workshops, 2 with Year 2 classes and 2 with Year 5 classes. He did a short slot with reception children plus a short slot during lunch doing a poetry reading in the outdoor reading area. Over the course of the day 470 children experienced his poetry.

Feedback from the school:

"The visit was a huge success with staff, children and parents. Everybody was enthusiastic about the assembly, from Nursery to Year 6 pupils to staff. The Head has said that he would like to develop the relationship between the school and Josh. Many parents commented that their children were bursting to tell them about his visit to school and his poems. A parent emailed to say that her son had come home from school brimming over with enthusiasm and saying that he would like to be a poet when he grows up. There was a buzz around the school."

"The workshops were great: Josh judged the pace excellently and teachers commented that even the most disruptive children concentrated and produced interesting work. Josh worked well with all age groups, even reception"

"Many, many thanks for suggesting Josh. The visit had a real impact on the school, on my standing and mainly on the children. I am working on getting a regular package of author visits established. Jos's visit was the first step, so thanks for the grant"

"Building on the Head's request, I have invited Josh back to Columbia for a paid for visit to work with a book group I run for Year 5 Pupil Premium children. We will be working on performance poetry, to show in an assembly."