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Becoming a Member

The Livery has been described as a centuries old tradition that continues to thrive because its members are forward looking and provide vigorous support for their crafts and professions in convivial surroundings. Joining the Arbitrators' Company provides:

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An introduction to the Worshipful Company of Arbitrators pdf
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Fines and dues payable with effect from Summer 2016

The Arbitrators' Company seeks to be a collegiate forum for practitioners and proponents of arbitration, mediation and all other forms of private dispute resolution. We aim to support the Lord Mayor, the Sheriffs and the Aldermen in the governance of the City of London and in the promotion of London and the UK as a centre for the provision of private dispute resolution and as a source of advice and guidance internationally.

The Company welcomes applications from those ready and willing to support these aims and to make an active contribution to the work of the Company.

Applicants will be required to exhibit relevant experience either as a dispute resolution practitioner or through other involvement with dispute resolution. This may include academic study, membership of a relevant professional body or by other means as a supporter or proponent of private dispute resolution. Members will be welcomed from throughout the UK and overseas provided they respect the ceremony, service and commitment required and the involvement with the City of London and support the Company's philanthropic aims and charitable works.